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API Guide - Win32 Checkbox

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Class Wet::Winobjects::WinCheckbox
In: wet/winobjects/WinCheckbox.rb
Parent: WinButton

Class to represent a Win32 Checkbox. Win32 checkboxes are created in the context of WET by using 'Checkbox' method of the dialog class.

    Browser("title:=Google").Dialog("Microsoft Internet Explorer").Checkbox("index:=2")


is_checked   set_off   set_on   to_s  

Public Instance methods

Is the radio button ‘checked’? Return true if yes. False otherwise

Clear this checkbox if already checked

Set this checkbox to ‘Checked’ state


WET is a opensource automated web testing tool which uses Watir as the library to drive web pages. WET drives an IE Browser directly and so the automated testing done using WET is equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. WET extends the scripting abilities of Watir and also offers the convenience of recorders. It is licensed under LGPL and BSD style open source licenses.

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