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API Guide - Reporter

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Class WET::HtmlReporter
In: HtmlReporter.rb
Parent: Object


Public Class methods

Create a new reporter. However One must never create a reporter by calling the constructor directly. Instead one must use the reporter() method in the main module to get a reference of the current reporter being used.

Public Instance methods

Stop indentation of text that is currently being printed as indented text

Report about a ‘command’ that was attempted. A ‘command’ is printed in ‘blue’ font

Report an error condition in the results. An error is printed in Bold Red color font.

    Report a failure in the results. Besides the failure message, you can also pass the following two
       exp = The text that was expected
       act = The actual test that was seen
    A failure message is printed in Red in the generated report.

extra_text is an array of additional text that can be passed as extra information

Report a ‘general’ text message. A general text message is printed out in black

Report about a ‘passed’ test step. A passed test step is printed in ‘green’ font

Save the report to the path specified. Typically you would not have to call this method directly if you are running tests using the WetRunner or BatchRunner.The results are saved automatically depending on the path specified in the test definition

Begin indenting text starting from the next line onwards

Get the overall result of test run. An integer value is returned depending on the result of test execution. The returned integer can be interpretted as follows:

   PASS = 1
   FAIL = 2
   ERROR = 3

WET is a opensource automated web testing tool which uses Watir as the library to drive web pages. WET drives an IE Browser directly and so the automated testing done using WET is equivalent to how a user would drive the web pages. WET extends the scripting abilities of Watir and also offers the convenience of recorders. It is licensed under LGPL and BSD style open source licenses.

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